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About Weave in My Ends

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Every knitter & crocheter has said to themselves at one point or another, "I wish there was someone who could just weave in my ends!" Then a project sat ignored in a corner, for far too long - finished, but just needing those ends done. That's where WeaveinMyEnds was born: with an idea and a strange person who actually likes weaving in ends!  


Kiersten, the human who likes those ends, has been an artist her entire life. She began learning sewing in elementary school and dabbling in many other arts from a very young age. By her teenage years she was receiving formal training at a high school for the arts, and went on to art college as well. Kiersten picked up knitting in 2011 and crochet in 2015 - almost all of which is self-taught, with sprinklings of tips and tricks from knitting circles and mentors along the way.

Kiersten has been running a successful Etsy shop since 2015, which has been commissioned by women's social media company Brit + Co with Better Homes & Gardens, and was featured on The Daily Beast. Quality and customer service are key elements of her Etsy store and these values flow into WeaveinMyEnds as well.


When you send your project for finishing at WeaveinMyEnds, know that it will be treated with the utmost care and respect for all the hours and love you have poured into it. Once you submit a request for a quote, we'll get to know you and your project a little better, to make sure we're a good fit. We'll answer any questions, explain the process, and discuss any particulars you might have. The tried and true duplicate stitch is typically the preferred method to weave in ends, but if there's a different stitch you want just ask - it's your project!


Your project will be worked on in a pet-free room (although we do have a sweet pitbull in the house) in a non-smoking, fragrance-free (as possible) house. Projects are blocked with fragrance-free wool wash. Everything is carefully tracked and you'll even have your ends returned to you so you can add them to your project journal, recycle them, etc. We'll stay in communication the entire process too, so you always know where your project is.

So what do you say?  Let's weave in those ends!

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