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Cait's Green Hat - Finished 1.jpg
Cait's Green Hat - Unfinished.jpg

Cait St George

Owner of Cast & Dye Yarn 
Simply Shetland Wholesale Manager
MadelineTosh Customer Experience Rep
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    "Yarn Friends, Kiersten is a end weaving master. She has now woven in ends for a few of my fair isle garments and her results are so impressive. She has saved me hours of time weaving in the many hundreds of ends that result during my fair isle projects. I am pretty sure my projects are safer in Kiersten’s hands than they are in my own. She even SAVES all your snipped off ends for you as keepsakes! There is truly no better feeling than having your knitted item returned to you (in a timely fashion) with the part you dread beautifully done. Trust me when I say: Let Kiersten Weave in Your Ends."

Lisa Lusiak

Manager at Cream City Yarn
Knitting & Crochet Instructor

"Kiersten did an amazing job weaving in the ends of my stranded colorwork cowl! Sure, I could have tucked them on the inside and hoped they didn’t pop out, but how embarrassing! She was able to make my project look even better. On top of that, she caught a dropped stitch and fixed it! I never hesitate to tell knitters and crocheters about her stellar service!"

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Cait's Green Hat - Unfinished.jpg
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